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Skipping dental check-ups can be tempting for many. But remember that annual visits can actually save you ample of time, money and even more importantly, save your teeth and health too. That’s why experts said that regular dental checkups are as necessary as a human body need food to survive. Additionally, a recent study shows that oral health defines the overall condition of your body, for example, if your mouth is in good condition or healthy, your body is more likely to be lively and healthy, but if it’s in poor condition and unhealthy, then you might be facing some minor or major health problems.

So keep up with your annual dental check-ups because it will not just keep your smile attractive, but also prevent diseases from occurring.

The clinical dental examination includes checkup for the broken or loose tooth, examination for the signs of gum and tongue disease, take x-rays (if required), look for the damaged fillings and the changes in the gums covering the teeth and much more. In fact, some experienced dentists also include the checkups for the face, throat, neck and head in patients’ annual dental examination so that the signs of trouble like cancer or any other can be easily detected.

All these regular checkups will help you prevent the disease, and guide you how to manage any oral health problems that you may be having. Between the annual dental appointments, it is also essential to take care of your teeth at home. Below we have also covered some basic activities that help you make your oral health in always good condition.

Care at Home includes brushing the teeth using toothpaste that contains fluoride at least twice a day, Floss once a day, use Listerine mouth rinse after every meal, etc. These preventative tips will help you to get rid of plaque bacteria and freshen your breath.

But visit the dental clinic regularly for cleanings and exams can always be the most effective way to detect the early signs of oral diseases. So stay fit and stay healthy with regular dental visits. You can contact Dr. Sharma for all your mouth related issues. As, he has one of the Best Dental Clinic In Mohali, offering treatments from general to cosmetic surgeries at most competitive prices in India.

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