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Migraines are an exceptionally common, painful, and problematic condition. It has been said that bacteria in the mouth could be responsible for the same. Shocking, right? But it’s true! There’s one recent research by experts has been discovered that mouth microbes may increase the susceptibility to migraine headaches.

Though, several foods or beverages, stress, jet lag, lack of sleep, hunger, strong or unusual smells, dehydration, bright lights, weather changes, loud sounds, hormone changes, intense physical activity, etc. can also be migraine triggers. But according to dentists, mouth microbes have an increased probability of migraine.

What Does the Mouth Microbes Do with Migraine?

Oral microbes and other bacteria that live and flourish in the mouth are as beneficial as it is harmful. However, experts have found that there are a few microbes in our mouth that can lead to reaction on the nitrates which may likewise be the reason of migraine headaches for some people. Because nitrates in the bloodstream can be converted into the nitric oxide, and that particular oxide can cause migraines in many individuals.

Nitrates are mainly found in green leafy vegetables such as broccoli, lettuce, cauliflower, celery, chocolate, spinach and some wines. Plus, it has also been found in certain medicines as well as in foods like processed meats, like salami, bacon and ham. However, the diminishment of nitrates prompts to the development of Nitrites, which can lead to low oxygen levels in the blood and are responsible of headaches.

Not only this, Studies also show that there are some other oral causes can also cause Migraine. For example;

Bruxism and clenching teeth while sleeping can also be responsible for a migraine. The pressure put on the jaw for delayed timeframes can lead to the muscles of the face to end up distinctly frazzled, and likewise cause headaches for some individuals. But luckily, these health hazards can easily be treated using a custom-fit night guard.

Therefore, regular dental checkups are essential for all individuals to keep the migraine away and maintain the good healthy living. Dr. Sharma’s Dental clinic in Mohali, India, systematically following the monthly oral clean-ups and check-ups to control the oral microbes. Moreover, we at Dr. Sharma’s Dental Clinic offer dental services from general to cosmetic, dental implant to one-day root canal treatments and much more at unbeatable rates. You can know more about Dr. Sharma’s expertise and his dental clinic by clicking on the following link:

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