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Well, investing in braces is one of the important and wisest decision anyone can make. Because it gives a beautiful and healthy smile results in the end. But after having the adjustment of brace’s wire, one can experience some sort of pain, discomfort and irritation, depends upon person to person. By keeping in mind, we have gathered a list of natural remedies that help to treat or reduce the pain associated with braces.

1. Apply Cold pack/ Eat Cold Food & Drinks

Just like an ice, you can ease the injured parts of your body, similarly applying an ice pack can alleviate your braces pain. If you feel some kind of soreness in your mouth after getting your braces tightened, you can also eat ice cream or other cold foods/drinks to reduce pain, swelling, and inflammation.



2. Use Heating Pad

In case, you are going through unbearable pain in or around your jaw and an ice pack or cold drinks/ foods haven’t been helping, then it is best to use a heating pad to reduce the pain. Try to use the particular pad several times in a day to get relief from the braces pain.




3. Gargle with Salt Water

Sometimes, soreness and irritation grow inside of your cheeks and gums because they both adjust to your braces. In that case, doing warm salt water gargles just for 60 seconds can help you in reducing your oral sores.




4. Orthodontic Wax

If you have experienced irritation on your gums, inner cheeks, or even lips due to braces, then apply orthodontic wax to the metallic part of your braces to reduce the irritation that may cause on the inside of your mouth.




5. Avoid Hard or Crunchy Foods

When your braces are tightened, your teeth as well as gums will become more sensitive and cause pain while eating certain foods. So it is better to choose soft drinks and foods like soups, smoothies, mashed potatoes and yogurt instead of crunchy or hard foods which include raw vegetables and chips. Though after diminishing the pain of your mouth, you can continue your normal/ regular eating habits.



6. Mouth Guard

This is one of the most effective ways to protect the oral soft tissues from your braces. If you are participating in any sports or physical activities, then wearing mouth guard can be beneficial for you if your wires or brackets are causing dreadful pain.




7. Gum Massage

Like massaging a body can ease the body pain, similarly, you can get relief from your gum pain by massaging your gums with your fingers. If you think that your gums are swollen, you can make your newly tightened braces a bit more comfortable and relax the tissue with gum massage.



These simplest seven ways help to decrease the pain associated with braces. In case, above mentioned tricks, just won’t provide you a relief that you actually needed, then try over-the-counter painkillers, like ibuprofen or call Dr. Sharma at 9876935099 . As, he has a Best Dental Clinic In Mohali and has a rich experience in protecting and treating the relevant pain at affordable rates.

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